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The Silent Epidemic

Over 38 million children and adolescents participate in youth athletics each year in the US. Over 10 million sports-related injuries occur and the rush to get players back in the game before they are physically ready is fast becoming the silent epidemic among youth athletes. Battling injuries can have long term and devastating impacts.

My Battle

I participated in youth athletics and had my share of injuries. The repeated recovery process was difficult – four knee surgeries, one back surgery, and several concussions. My athletic career came to an abrupt end when I came to the realization that I could no longer continue to play the game I loved. My mental and physical struggles led to severe depression. I fought to find my identity outside the athletic world, until one day, I realized I could make a difference by sharing my experiences and finding other ways to help the millions of athletes going through the same battle. In 2013 I founded Positive-Strides.Org to provide additional support for injured athletes and their parents.

Making a Difference

Over $170,000 has been raised since 2013 and has allowed the foundation to provide direct services to over 50 student-athletes, including streamlined access to medical specialists, financial assistance for medical treatments and surgeries and mentorship and support groups for athletes and parents. Over 18,000 athletes, parents, coaches and school and athletic administrators have been impacted through Positive Strides Injury Prevention & Nutrition Seminars.

We Need Your Help

Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution to Positive-Strides and help us reach our goal of decreasing the number of student-athletic injuries by 5% by the year 2018. Your gift will allow our team to direct services to those suffering from injuries as well as increase Seminar outreach across Maryland and South Carolina; and enable us to connect to the millions of youth athletes throughout the country suffering injuries each year.

Ryan J. Brant